I was never a huge comic book fan, but I did love Archie comics when I was a kid. Jughead’s goofiness, Reggie’s vanity, and the love triangle between Archie, Veronica, and Betty created endless drama in issue after issue.

For issue #600, which comes out in the coming weeks, Archie finally takes the plunge. Apparently he’s making his choice, and it is NOT the girl next door. A comic book store owner in New Jersey, Dave Luebke, is taking a drastic action to protest the upcoming nuptials of Archie and Veronica: he plans to sell his Archie Comics No 1 (estimated value: $30,000).

The Editor-in-Chief of Archie Comics is being tight-lipped about how this particular story arc turns out, so it’s still possible this is just a dream sequence or something. If not, it’s clearly the wedding of the century! All I can say is, say it ain’t so! I always thought Archie would choose Betty!

Are you a fan of Archie and the gang? What do you think of his choice? Do you think it’s for keeps, or is it just in someone’s imagination?