Okay, it’s not completely different, just different from the usual work day. It’s been so sunny and nice here that I just can’t stay out of my garden. It’s hard to be inside and work and blog even when I know I should! So I’ve been out taking pictures instead. And digging in the dirt. I have three new raised beds for my veggie garden, and I’ve been puttering in the perennials, too. All last weekend when I was digging and planting, every breeze brought the scent of lilac. And I seem to have more lily of the valley every spring. (My daughter calls these popcorn plants–I can see why!)

Every so often I think about discontinuing these spring fragrances, but I just can’t do it. They have a small following, and I count myself among those who appreciate these gentle florals. Do you know someone who loves lilac or lily of the valley? All of our products come in these fragrances, but the Spring Flowers Bouquet shares both of them. When I finally come in from the garden, I’d love to make some spring flowers to send to you or a friend. Lily of the valley is May’s birth flower, you know…send a belated birthday gift! (And we still haven’t given away all of our coupons…contact us for details on how to get your discount!)