Johnny Cupcakes, Beyond the Bomb, and Pancake Meow—what do these have in common? They all have super-cool Cupcake Gear! Check out some of my favorites: clothing, bath products, stationery and bling! And make sure to add your own to the comments below.

Johnny Cupcakes: From selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car to stores in Boston, LA and Hull, MA, Johnny Earle has built a cupcake institution. Check out his t-shirts and other clothing and accessories.

The Baby Bunch: Cupcake Baby Onesies (see photo) Adorable onesies packaged as cupcakes with decorative toppers. Wrapped in a bakery box!

Kee Ka Organic Cupcake Swaddle Blanket Sweetie cupcake blanket!

Catfoxdesign Cupcake T-shirts Is it a critter, or a cupcake? Orange Tabby and White Chocobunny are my favorites. This Australia-based artist has another line of new “flavors,” too…watch out for Poop Cake!

Cupcake Royale “Legalize Frostitution” T-shirts. I’m enjoying these. A lot.

Shoo Shoos Baby Cupcake Shoes Leather cupcake shoes for the under-six-months-sweetie.

Kreative Karen Designs: Cupcake Hats (see photo) She’ll make them in any size, with any color cake or cup, and you can have a different topper, too (though I think I like the cherry, don’t you?). Scrumptious!

Webkinz cupcake clothing Had to include these for all those other parents of Webkinz fanatics! (But I’m hiding them from my daughter…)

Beyond the Bomb Cupcake Bath Bombs Love the fragrance options, and special occasion bombs, like the Over the Hill Cupcake (which is a lovely black bomb!!)

Delish Gourmet Bath Bakery Can anyone say, “bubble bath cupcakes?” How about “hot fudge sundae bubble bath cupcakes?” I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Grumpy Girl Cuppy Cake Bath Bombs These gorgeous green-frosted cupcakes (see photo) are from Grumpy Girl. The product descriptions are reason enough to visit this site. Fantastic!

Serah’s Cupcake Soap Glycerin and shea butter soap in four colors and creamsicle fragrance. Love the pastel colors of the whippy “frosting”! Yummy!

Fairiesmak Let Them Eat Cupcakes Necklace – Cupcake bling! Clay cupcakes on 18 inch silver toned ballchain.

Pancake Meow Cupcake Charm Clay cupcake charms with fragrance. Cute and customizable!!

Crazy Lady Beads Handcrafted lampwork beads by Kerry…check out the amazing Cupcake Beads!

The Peep Bakery Cupcake Sachet Sets Knitted cupcake sachets (see photo) in a bakery box! Come in lots of colors and fragrances.

Dungaree Dolly’s Of course I love her cosmetic bags the best, but Dolly makes lots of different styles of handbags with adorable cupcake fabric!

Happy Day Studio May You Dream in Cupcake Card This is just one of the amazing cupcake note cards and paper designs available at Etsy. Also check out Cakespy, Sunshine and Ravioli, Stampersaurus, and Tucci Paper Company.