Today we’re talking about anatomy…and by anatomy, of course I mean the anatomy of a lip balm favor. (Starting to think this was not safe for work, weren’t you?)

Standard labels, custom labels, tags, bags, bows—if you’ve visited our site you’ve seen all of these options. But maybe you still have questions, or you’re wondering what those different personalization options look like? We’re here to clear up any confusion!

anatomy of a lip balm favor

Here are a few of the questions you’ve been asking about the parts of the favors. The photo below shows each different part labeled, too.

Which part is the label and which is the tag?

The label is stuck on the top of the lip balm (for the lip balm in jars, the label designs are round). Every lip balm favor has a label.

The tag is the piece of card stock paper that is square, with a hole punched in the corner. Not every lip balm favor has a tag.

What’s the difference between standard labels and custom labels?

Standard labels are not personalized. They have the flavor name and a matching graphic on them. Custom labels are personalized, with your choice of design on them.

Which of the favors have tulle bows? (And what is tulle, anyway?)

All of the lip balm favors with tags will also include tulle bows. Tulle is that fine netting material that is often used in wedding veils. It comes in dozens of colors, and this is how we attach the tags to your favor bags.

anatomy of a lip balm favor

We offer four types of lip balm favors. They vary in price based on how much personalization and decoration you’d like. Here are the options, listed from least personalized to most:

a. Lip balms with standard labels: label will have the picture of the flavor. You can order any quantity.

b. Lip balm favors with custom labels: label is your choice of design and text. Order a minimum of 10 pieces.

c. Lip balm favors with standard labels + custom tags: label has picture of the flavor, tag is your choice of design and text. Bags and your choice of bow color? Yep, we include them. Order a minimum of 10 pieces.

d. Lip balm favors with custom labels + custom tags: label and tag are your choice of design and text. We include bags and your choice of bow color, too. Order a minimum of 10 pieces.

And here is what the four types look like:


You can see design and flavor options and pricing for these four different options for bachelorette parties, bridal showersweddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and even divorce parties.

What you can’t see…

1. We shrink wrap each lip balm for safety.
2. Lip balms have a second label on the bottom of each jar which lists all the ingredients.
3. We assemble all lip balm favors before shipping to save you time. Simply remove from the box and share!

Now you should be an expert on the anatomy of a lip balm favor. Do you still have any questions? What have we missed? Please share!