all about jojoba beads

1. What are jojoba beads?
Jojoba beads are tiny spheres made from hydrogenated jojoba oil. They’re also called jojoba esters, jojoba pearls, or jojoba spheres.

2. How are they used?
They are added to products for gentle exfoliation and a hint of color. You’ve probably seen them suspended in facial products or bath gels.

3. Do you have jojoba beads in your products?
Yes, they add a touch of color and exfoliant to our shower gels and sugar scrubs.

4. Are jojoba beads like microbeads?
While they look the same and serve the same purpose in products, jojoba beads (unlike microbeads) are biodegradable and come from a renewable resource. Bottom line: the beads in our products will not harm the environment.

5. How small are jojoba beads?
They’re available in different sizes, from 150 to 600 microns. (Remember that there are 1,000 microns in a millimeter!)

6. Will they scratch my skin?
No, they’re tiny (see #5 above), round, and smooth, so they’re very gentle on your skin.

7. Do they come in different colors?
Yes! We have them in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, purple, brown, black, and white, so we can customize your favors with your theme colors. They’re tinted with FDA- approved oxides and pigments.

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