administrative professionals day

Back in my “working in a lab” days, we had a phenomenal office manager. Jill knew what was going on in every department. She had a knack for keeping track of all the little details while never losing sight of the big picture. And at the busiest times she remained unfrazzled, with a perpetual smile on her face. Frankly, I don’t think we could have done without her. Do you have a Jill in your office, too? Administrative Professionals Day is just for her!

It was the early ’50s when the U.S. first started showing gratitude for those office workers who keep everything running smoothly. Originally called “National Secretaries’ Day” (and in the middle of National Secretaries Week), we celebrated administrative support staff and recognized their importance in the modern workplace.

Times have changed, but gratitude and recognition never go out of style. Now called Administrative Professionals Day, we celebrate on Wednesday, April 21 this year (in the middle of Administrative Professionals Week).

How do you celebrate?

What’s our favorite way to celebrate office managers, receptionists, assistants, and other support staff? In an unofficial poll, friends shared that flowers were the most common (and welcomed) gift, along with special lunches. While gift certificates are also popular, handmade gifts are also the most memorable and cherished.

If you’re looking for a gift for that assistant you can’t do without, we’d love to help! We personalize our gift sets with special notes that say, “Thank you. You rock. I appreciate you.” Or even just “thanks!” There’s space inside each gift card to share your own message of gratitude, too.

Say “thank you” with a gift that soothes: Moisturizers Gift Set with lavender lotion, hand cream, and lip balm.

mint gift set for administrative professionals day

Remind her to take some time for herself: a Sweet Mint Pedicure with mineral soak, soothing foot cream, and balm all in our sweet peppermint fragrance help to create an at-home spa day.

administrative professionals day“You’re the best.” And you, too! If you have a whole team to thank, why pick favorites? Our mask and balm sets are a perfect little gift to show that you care.

All of our gifts can be personalized with a special tag for those coworkers who have become invaluable. We can also create something special just for you! Let me know how I can help you celebrate your favorite team members.

How do you usually celebrate Administrative Assistants Day? What are your favorite gifts for that day?