FarkhandaLast month I shared my goal of donating 10% of this year’s profits to women’s education and small business through Kiva.org. This month I am so excited to have four new loan recipients to tell you about.

Farkhanda is from Lahore, Pakistan, and is requesting a loan to purchase equipment to manufacture plastic toys. Her husband has been training in a toy factory and now has a small business to create his own accessories. Her loan helps them in buying the machinery to grow their business and support their family of 6.



Jacquiline lives in Manila City and funs a sari-sari (variety) store business. She hopes to grow her business, but is currently working to provide for her family. Her loan helps to buy more products to offer her customers.


Vuslat lives in Turkey and sells handmade and ready made jewelry at a stand by the sea. She has spent years supporting her daughters’ educations. Her loan will help buy materials and jewelry to increase her sales.


Jerlie lives in the Philippines and sells personal care products like cosmetics to help support her family. She wants to put her children through school. I love this quote about her goals: “She dreams of having their own house and lot in the future; and to a woman who is determined to win, nothing is a failure, but a delayed success.”  Isn’t that a great reminder to all of us? No failures, just delayed successes.

Your continued support makes these business and education loans possible, so thank you for inviting us to participate in your events. We love being able to celebrate with you, and hope you will continue to celebrate these business successes with us, too!