The other day I was reading an article about Russell Brand in Elle Magazine. The interviewer details a visit to Brand’s office, describing the movies, photos, and posters in his space and noting the presence of a life-size cutout of Homer Simpson. I thought this was funny, but Brand’s comment about the cutout was thought-provoking: “It’s been in the room less than 24 hours, so don’t let it dominate your perspective.”

We bring lots of things into our “spaces”—and not just our offices or homes, but our interior spaces, too. Some of these things (relationships, feelings, attitudes) fit and make sense and really represent who we are. Some of them…not so much. Some would take years to “dominate your perspective” while others could take over after a few minutes or hours.

This week I’m thinking about sharing space, and wondering if everything around me fits with who I am. I’m considering whether certain attitudes or relationships dominate, and if so, do they give people the right idea about who I am? Or am I giving too much real estate to things that don’t really belong?

What do you think? Do YOU have a life-size cutout of Homer Simpson (or something else that might dominate people’s perspective)? What do you do to surround yourself with people, relationships, and attitudes that “fit” with who you are?