Today I’m thinking about you, Event Planner. Mom of the Bride. Best friend planning the bachelorette. Aunt throwing the bridal shower.

In our chats lately, you’ve shared that you want these events to go just right. We’ve been talking about your theme colors, the flowers, the matching favors and signature cocktails. Your excitement is contagious (yay!). But underneath all that fun and anticipation, I’m also hearing the stress. There’s too much to do, so little time, lots of people and opinions to coordinate…sound about right? And if you’re stressed, just imagine how the bride is feeling!

So today I’m sending a friendly reminder: don’t forget to laugh. laughter and success

I know, weddings are Serious Business. But that’s exactly why it’s so important to make time for laughter. Andrew Carnegie was right; it’d be hard to have a successful event without it.

What’s funny to you might not be that David Sedaris book (seriously, I had to take it off my desk. It’s embarrassing to have to explain tears at work, even when they’re from laughter.). Maybe it’s:

  • A girls’ night out to the latest Melissa McCarthy film.
  • Karaoke night
  • A marathon of The Office. Or 30 Rock. Or Parks and Recreation.
  • Revisiting those old family movies. Include the future spouse if they haven’t enjoyed them yet!
  • A show at the local comedy club
  • A lunch date with that hilarious friend
  • Reading The Onion or watching a few videos at Funny or Die
  • David Sedaris. It had to be said. Me Talk Pretty One Day is my favorite.

Laughter relieves tension, releases endorphins, and makes you feel more relaxed. According to the Mayo Clinic, “laughter can also make it easier to cope with difficult situations. It also helps you connect with other people.”

Hey, isn’t that what all of these events are about? Connecting with people? (Well, and the very occasional difficult situation.) Adding some fun (and funny) activities before, and enough silly games and scavenger hunts during (we’re looking at you, bachelorette parties and bridal showers), will ensure plenty of laughs and happy guests. Who could want anything more?

good friends good food good laughs
When you’re feeling stressed, do you remember to make time for laughter? What makes you laugh?