a good day

At a certain point this afternoon, I stopped what I was doing and realized, “This is a good day.”

When a day seems particularly good, I always want to figure it out. What am I doing today that I wasn’t doing yesterday? Did I get good news? Was it a fun day at work? Did I have a great conversation? Or maybe a great piece of chocolate? What is different?

Sometimes it really is about painting. (Or drawing, or writing.) I agree that every day is a good day when you paint…and by “paint” I mean “do something creative.”

It’s about people

Other days it’s about people: catching up with a friend, spending time with my kids and husband. I’m mostly an introvert, but I still enjoy a good chat.

And still other days it’s about feeling motivated and getting things done. I finished planting my garden this weekend, which made yesterday a pretty good day, too.

Today was good for a lot of reasons. I had fun making some party favors. My business was featured on my favorite handmade wedding site. My parents are celebrating their 45th anniversary. I talked with a couple of really nice people. All of those things helped to make it a good day, but I also realized that the items on my “to-do” listthe things I was supposed to do todaywere also things I wanted to do.

Did you have a good day? What happens to make you say, “Today is a good day.”?