7 uses for lavender sachetsHave you ever received a lavender sachet at a wedding or bridal shower? Lavender buds are sometimes shared with wedding guests to shower the new couple after the wedding, so you probably didn’t have any extra to take home. But if you have a lavender sachet after a bridal shower or other event–and you’re wondering what to do with the lavender buds–here are a few uses for lavender sachets.

7 uses for lavender sachets

1. Tuck the sachet into a drawer to give your linens a fresh floral fragrance.

2. Pin into a pillowcase for sweet dreams.

3. Drop into the bath for a quick tub tea. You can use the whole sachet, or pour out a few tablespoons of buds and tie them into a muslin bag for easy “brewing” (and clean up).

4. Empty buds into a potpourri dish or decorative bowl and stir buds occasionally to release fragrance. The scent from lavender buds lasts a long time!

5. Fill a spare sock with buds and tie the end, then toss into the dryer to scent laundry.

6. Mix buds with baking soda and sprinkle on carpet, then vacuum up and enjoy the fresh scent

7. Brew lavender buds on stove top (or in a small crock pot) with other herbs and citrus peels as a quick air freshener. Add buds, peels, herbs, cinnamon sticks, and any other favorites to your pot, add water, and heat uncovered at low temperature to enjoy the fragrance.

lavender sachet favors
Lavender Toss Sachets for a Bridal Shower

Do you have any creative uses for lavender? We’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments below!

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