My interest in weddings is not limited to my work creating wedding favors; I also write for the website Elegant Maine Wedding. The best part of working on this site is that I learn about the talent and creativity of local wedding professionals. Today I’m excited to share the sites of 5 inspiring wedding pros. Each offers something unique, and each is worth a look (or a listen, as the case may be!). And they’re all here in Maine!

1. New England Couture Cakes
If you know me, you will not be surprised that the cake comes first. I love Ace of Cakes and creative confections are my favorite part of the bridal magazines. The artistry of Peggy Kovensky at New England Couture Cakes is simply amazing. Just look at her portfolio. You will not be surprised to learn that they were voted best cake in Maine by People Magazine in 2007. If you live in Maine–or plan a destination wedding here–you may be lucky enough to work with New England Couture Cakes!

2. Fleur de Lis Floral Design
After the cake, my favorite part of a wedding is the flowers. I do wish I could smell the bouquets through the screen, but I have to settle for looking at the colors and shapes of the blossoms in the arrangements! Fleur de Lis in South Portland has a beautiful online gallery. Boutonierres and corsages, bouquets, wreaths, and all kinds of arrangements are displayed in many palettes. All of your favorites…stephanotis, gerber daisies, hydrangea, callas, peonies, and roses, roses, roses. Simply lovely.

3. R.D. Allen Jewelers
If you get bored looking at diamonds (I know, blasphemous), you can feast your eyes on Maine watermelon tourmaline at R.D. Allen Jewelers. Maine boasts the largest deposit of tourmaline ever discovered in North America, much of it in pale pastel hues not common in the world’s other deposits. Tourmaline comes in hundreds of colors, and rarely pieces have bands of different colors which makes them look like watermelon slices. R. D. Allen Jewelers has an eye-popping collection of these bi-color gems, which can be custom set. They are truly unusual gemstones.

4. Cul de Sax Saxophone Quartet
You probably have never heard a saxophone quartet perform Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, but if you’re looking for something unique for your ceremony or reception music, get inspired by Cul de Sax. An accomplished saxophone quartet, Cul de Sax perform at resorts, museums, and corporate events here in Maine, with a repertoire ranging from the “Baroque to Broadway.” Live musicians offer something really special to an event, so consider a small ensemble or soloist for your wedding.

5. Stacey Kane Weddings
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Stacey Kane’s online wedding photo gallery is surely worth millions! The joy, beauty, and humor captured by this award-winning photojournalist have made her as sought after for destination weddings as for nuptials here in Maine. Take a look at her work and let me know if you find it as magical as I do.

Maine has become a popular location for destination weddings, and there are so many talented folks here to work with. For more wedding professionals, please check out the directory at Elegant Maine Wedding. And please share links to the sites and professionals you find inspiring!