kitchen bridal shower theme ideasJoseph Conrad said, “We owe much to the fruitful meditation of our sages, but a sane view of life is, after all, elaborated mainly in the kitchen.”

What more could we wish for the newlyweds than a long, happy, and sane life? A kitchen bridal shower, then, is much more than just a fun way to help the new couple stock their kitchen. It’s a way to encourage a future with healthy nourishment and happy entertaining for many years to come!

Here are 5 kitchen bridal shower theme ideas:

Sugar & Spice

This shower theme is for couples who love to bake. Gift ideas include baking dishes and cookie sheets, mixing bowls and measuring cups. You could also have guests share their favorite cookie recipes along with all the ingredients to bake them.

For a shower game, play “Guess That Spice.” Label several small empty jars with a number and fill each with a different spice. Have guests sniff and see if they can identify the spices, awarding a prize to the guest who can guess the most spices.

Around the (Kitchen) Clock

Usually around the clock showers assign guests a time of day and their gifts correspond to that time. For a twist, make all the gifts for the kitchen. For a 7 am gift, for example, you could choose a crock pot. A 9 am assignment might inspire a gift of a waffle iron or scone pan, while 6 pm might be a pizza stone.

Cocktail Shower

For the aspiring home mixologist, a cocktail shower is the perfect choice. Glassware, shakers, mixing glasses, jiggers, strainers, muddlers, and stirring spoons all will have a place at the home bar. A selection of cocktail syrups, bitters, and of course, the base spirits would also be welcomed. And to learn more about crafting cocktails, consider a gift of Mixology 101 by mixologist Matt Seiter.

Shower games could include trivia questions related to the couple’s favorite beverages. What were they drinking when they met? What’s his favorite beer? Her favorite wine?

Better plan this shower for afternoon or evening, because cocktails are necessary! And for favors? Cocktail lip balms, of course.

Be Our Guest

What does a couple need in order to entertain guests? Maybe it’s serving trays and lots of ideas for finger foods (the Party Food Bible is a must). Perhaps extra serving dishes in their chosen china pattern, perfect for hosting holiday celebrations. Or maybe their favorite way to entertain involves a backyard and a grill?

This theme can be personalized to fit each couple’s personality, with gifts to help them celebrate all types of occasions in every season.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme

Every cook needs herbs—fresh and dried—and new ideas for how to use them. Gifts could include potted herbs (if the bride or groom has a green thumb and a sunny windowsill) or a variety of dried herbs along with your favorite recipes that include them. Jerry Traunfeld’s The Herbal Kitchen is the perfect resource for the cook who wants to learn to cook with fresh herbs; Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith shares not only how to use herbs, but how to grow them, too.

Looking for kitchen shower favor ideas? We have those, too!

What is your favorite theme for kitchen showers?