I’ve always liked the look of those walls covered with big paper flowers, but who has time to cut out and shape every petal? I want flowers that are big, bold, and take only minutes to make. Is that even possible?

YES! Today I’m sharing 4 simple paper flower tutorials that are so fast and easy to make, you’ll have a whole wall full of them in no time.

simple paper flower tutorials


Simply Roses

This tutorial by Crafts and More is on YouTube, and the video makes it so easy to understand how to make these rolled paper roses.

You’ll need:
• construction paper or office paper in your choice   of colors
• scissors
• a glue gun

You’ll also want to find a circle shape (or several) that you can trace onto your paper—the larger the circle, the larger the finished flower. (I used the lid of a large jar.)

Once you cut out the circle, you’ll cut it into a spiral shape, and then starting from the outside tip of the spiral, you’ll roll the paper all the way to the other end, then fasten with glue. You can adjust how big or small the buds are by letting the paper unroll a little or a lot. These flowers only take a few minutes to complete, as the video demonstrates.


Pretty Poppies

This tutorial by Lovely Indeed was created for a photobooth backdrop. I added the black centers to these flowers, which are probably the fastest of these paper flower tutorials.

You’ll need:
• tissue paper
• scissors
• tape

I love these flowers because you could cover the entire wall in an hour or two, and there was zero gluing. Just fold, cut, tape, shape. Please refer to Lovely Indeed for the full scattered flowers tutorial.



Darling Dahlias

Maybe the most impressive, but also very simple and quick, this method of making tissue paper flowers can be found on a number of blogs. I love the way Hey Let’s Make Stuff shows the different flower types you can create, so definitely refer to that post for more details.

You’ll need:
• tissue paper
• scissors
• stapler or ribbon

You can make these flowers in different sizes simply by starting with a larger width of tissue paper. The more sheets of paper you use, the fuller the flowers will appear.

I used 2 full sheets of tissue for these dahlias. You’ll want to cut the tissue into very long rectangles (I cut my full sheets in half lengthwise), then fold accordion style (about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in width).tissue-paper-bundle

Tie the bundled tissue with a piece of ribbon in the center (or staple to hold), then cut to shape each end. This will create the “petal” shapes, so for my dahlias I cut a pointed end. You could also cut them rounded or beveled, anything you’d like. (Please look at the Hey Let’s Make Stuff tutorial to see how the other shapes will look.)

Then slowly pull apart the layers of tissue, taking care not to rip the paper. Do the same for both ends, and fluff the petals closer together on the front to cover where it’s fastened.


Great Gerbers

This flower is a larger version of a tutorial I shared here for a poinsettia gift topper. I enlarged the template to make even bigger blooms, and used three layers of card stock to create the petals. Another layer in green becomes the leaves.

You’ll need:
• card stock
• scissors
• glue stick
template for flower shape

Download the template and print directly onto card stock at whatever size you’d like. Then cut out flower shapes and crease along the center of each petal. Fold along the crease to make flowers 3-dimensional, then layer the petals, rotating them in each layer and gluing in place.

For a closer look at these steps, please see the poinsettia tutorial.

My walls are now covered with these simple paper flowers. (I’m not sure I want to take them down!) Have you made paper flowers before? Which of these paper flower tutorials do you like best?