How often do you find yourself saying, “If I only had an extra 2 hours in the day…”? If you’re working AND running a household, where do you ever find the time to put together party favors, never mind a whole party?

I know that lots of you are in a hurry because you share it with me in your calls and emails. “How quickly can I get my favors?” is a common question! We have three ways we can help the harried mom, grandma, sister, aunt, or friend acting as last-minute party planner:

1. Emailed Proofs
Everyone loves surprises—except the bad kind. When you order something special for a party, you want it to look just right. Especially when you’re down to the wire, there may not be time to reorder or fix your favors if there’s a mistake.

That’s why every one of our personalized favor orders gets an emailed proof. We like to have each order approved before anything prints. The only surprise we want is the Squee! kind when you open your box and see the perfect favors.

2. Pre-assembed Favors
If you’re in a rush, the last thing you want to do is wrap and decorate your party favors after they arrive. Did you know that some favor companies send you the pieces (sometimes in multiple shipments) and you have to stick on the labels and tie the bows?

We don’t do things that way. All of our favors are assembled before they ship. Your job?
a) Unpack.
b) Share.
c) Enjoy the applause.

Yes, you too can be the star at your next party! Talk with us to find out how!

3. Rush Service
Most of you want personalization, but you’ve learned not to get your hopes up when you’re ordering at the last minute. “Those other people say two weeks for personalization,” you tell me. To which I say, “Nonsense.” Our schedule accommodates yours as much as possible, so talk to us! We have in-house Rush Service and use Express Mail so that when your order leaves us it reaches you overnight (to most locations—talk with us for exact times!).

These are three of the ways we help you when you’re in a hurry, but we’re always looking for new ways to be helpful. What other ways can we help? Please let me know!