3 helpful blog postsIt’s hard to believe, but I’m halfway through this 30 day blog challenge! I hope you’ve found some of my posts helpful in these past weeks, and I welcome you to share ideas for future posts! (Please! I have 15 more days to go!) 🙂

Though I haven’t been able to read all of my colleagues’ posts throughout this challenge, I have read many, and I’m so impressed! I keep bookmarking the ones I find most helpful, and decided I’d share a few with you. I could have easily shared dozens, but here’s 3 helpful blog posts to start:

How To Pick a Candle Scent

How to Pick the Perfect Signature Candle Scent
Kristen, Bath, Body, and Candle Moments
If you were thinking of selecting candles for your bridesmaids—or a welcome gift for your out of town guests—this guide will help you choose fragrances.

Along with a general review of fragrance “notes” and categories, Kristen leads you through a series of questions about the gift recipient to help in making your candle selection. This is such a clever way of thinking about fragrance choices and preferences, and it makes the gift selection fun!

DIY Spa Facial

DIY Spa Facial in 6 Simple Steps: Step 1, Cleanse
Kathy White, Posey and Fern
At the end of these hot July days, I know that I could use a facial! If you feel the same way, you should try Kathy’s at-home spa facial. This post is the first of 6 detailing the steps of a DIY facial, and it starts with an oil cleanse.

Have you ever wondered what types of oil to use when cleansing your face—or how to get rid of the oil after you’ve cleansed? Kathy recommends some custom oil blends and explains what works best for different skin types. (She even walks you through the math if you’re nervous about calculating the right percentages!) Check out the other posts in Kathy’s series, too, for recommendations on exfoliating, steaming, and more.

9 Dieting Mistakes

9 Dieting Mistakes That Make You Fat
Donna DeRosa, Donna DeRosa Coaching
I see so many #fitbrides on Instagram #sweatingforthewedding, and I wonder how many are making some of these dieting mistakes? (I’m guilty, too!)

For example, I eat way too much fruit (that’s #6 on Donna’s list). And I definitely eat lots of veggies dipped in condiments (#9—though my favorite dip is hummus). This list has some good reminders of foods that may seem healthful but are too high in sugar, carbs, or calories if you’re dieting. Donna also has some great advice about “dieting” in general, and a better way to think about food.

I love learning about new blogs to follow and I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I did! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of my colleagues’ DIY, how-to, and best tips posts in the next week (or exactly 15 days).

What would you like to learn more about? Let me know and I’ll share more of your favorites!