3 blog challenge mythsI did it!

This is day 30 of the Blog Your Brand 30-day Challenge, hosted by the Indie Business Network, and I actually made it. Can you believe it? Thirty days in a row of blog posts.


I’ve considered joining these challenges before, but always talked myself out of them. I doubted that I could finish, and worried about writer’s block. But I’ve learned that those worries are just myths, and that there’s a lot to be learned by writing daily posts.

Are you considering a blog challenge but worried to dive in? Here are 3 blog challenge myths —and the real truth about blogging every day.

Blog Challenge Myth 1: It’s impossible to find time to blog every day.

I refuse to insult your intelligence by saying, “If you weren’t watching Stranger Things, you’d have time to blog every day.”

Because if you make blogging a priority, you definitely can fit it into your day—even if you’re watching Netflix. Heck, maybe Stranger Things will inspire some good post ideas?

Here’s what you should remember: just because you’re posting every day does not mean that you have to write every day. In fact, it makes good sense to “batch” your posts. If you do your own graphics, too, try creating four or five at a time. Working like this is more efficient and you’ll find that you have much more time than you imagined.

Myth 2: I will run out of ideas by day 3.

If you’ve never tried posting everyday, you believe this. I believed it a month ago. We think there are a finite number of topics we can post about and we’re bound to come up empty in a few days (or weeks).

The reality is that when you get into the habit of posting every day, you start seeing ideas everywhere. At the grocery store, on your nightly walk, during Stranger Things. When you know you have to post tomorrow (and the next day), your brain starts to work overtime to help you.

And if you ever get stuck? Here are some blog ideas. And some more. Oh, and here are a few more blog post ideas. You will never, ever run out of ideas—which is such an amazing thing to learn, it’s worth trying a challenge just to discover for yourself.

Myth 3: I’ll never want to blog again.

Look, I’ll be honest: I probably won’t post tomorrow. I might not even post on Wednesday. But I’m working on a blogging schedule and I’ll be sticking to it. Now that I know I can blog every day, there’s no reason I can’t blog a few times every week. And thanks to all those ideas I’ve been running into everywhere, I have plenty to write about!

I was looking forward to this challenge as a way to reconnect, to start sharing the thoughts about my work and life that I had been keeping to myself. I did that and so much more. While several posts were about my personal life, I also shared recipes, Kiva updates, tutorials, party theme ideas, flavors of the month, and wedding-related tips and tricks. I can’t wait to share more.

Thanks for sticking around this month! Did you have any favorite posts from the challenge? What would you like to see more of?