I started writing here in April of 2007 because I heard it was a good thing for a small business owner to have a blog! A lot has changed since then, but at least once a week I have continued to post here. And this is my 1,000th entry.
1,000 posts

The most popular posts are linked over there on the right, but I’ll admit that those aren’t necessarily my favorites. Though I started this blog for business, I’ve shared a lot about my family. I’ve written about my kids. My mom and my dad. My husband. I write about relationships, about gratitude and kindness, because I try to make them a big part of my job and my life. Making “tiny thank-yous” for my customers is such a fun way to express appreciation and gratitude. It’s a privilege and pleasure to help them celebrate the special people in their lives.

Today I’m feeling especially grateful for you. I don’t think I could have made it to 1,000 posts without your comments and encouragement. Thank you for your interest, for sharing posts with your friends and families, for just being here.